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Surf while you shop!

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

Wave pool standing wave inside shopping mall

We were recently contacted by the German Architectural firm  Prof. Moths Architekten wanting to include a custom number of board racks in their specifications for a new retail centre.

Hase Wave L+T Osnabrück wanted a way for land-locked surfers in the heart of Germany to be able to get the best customer experience possible when shopping for a new board. The solution? Install a wave pool outside your favourite surf shop!  

We absolutely love this idea! Imagine heading out to your local shopping centre and to look at some new boards and be able to take multiple boards out for a quick burn? You can also book in 45 minute sessions for 29 Euros or get multiple passes. Below is a photo of the grand opening with our surfboard racks in the background ready to go! 

cactus rack shopping mall standing wave

We are blessed in Australia with many beautiful beaches, however can see this being enjoyed by those wanting to test a few boards out at a time or those that live a little further away from surf. 

cactus surfboard rack in shopping mall standing wave

See link below to a longer version on YouTube. Make sure to keep an keen eye out for our board racks in the background. Super proud to be included in this project. Big thank you also to Marise for sending us the images and video link! 


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Posted on August 24, 2017 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

A big thank you to Alex T. all the way over in France who was stoked with his new Bandito Cactus rack that just arrived...

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Feliz El Jefe!

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

Massive thanks to Pat from California for these pics - he received his new surfboard rack last month!
Check out 'El jefe' in it's new home complementing Pat's wicked style set up.

Gracias Amigo x


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Freestanding surf rack: a perfect solution for displaying a vintage surfboard collection

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

 cactusrack vintage surfboard rack

A big "GRACIAS" to another of our happy customers who sent in this photo of their new surfboard display rack system showing off their collection of vintage single-fin surfboards. 

Wanting to span a collection of 20+ boards in various spaces around a single room, using a traditional wall-mounted or a fixed length freestanding surf rack was never an option. As this was a collection of classic surf boards, aesthetics were also a high priority. The Cactus rack was a perfect solution as it allowed the boards to be separated and stored vertically into various positions around the room. The added bonus of this system is that they can always be changed again in the future if needed using only a single Allen key.  

Needless to say, all parties are stoked with the results. We are VERY jealous of this amazing vintage board collection, but happy to be able to help out by showing it off!


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    Cactus rack at first World Surf Camp!

    Posted on April 27, 2015 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments


    What a blast it was on the weekend! 

    Packing up the car late on Friday afternoon, we heading on our mission up to Seal rocks to join the party for the first World Surf camp! First thing we thought of when we arrived is that we couldn't believe we had never been here before! Having surfed many times just further up the road, we had never made that 'detour' to check out the area. 

    After weeks of rain the event found its way into a perfect window of sunshine for the weekend, with some fun swell hanging around as a result! After we arrived on the Friday night, set up our tents and met our neighbours for the next few days, it was a call to gather round the warm crackling campfire for a bite to eat, joke around, and listen to the soothing strum a guitar. Excited for an early surf, we turned in early and fell asleep dreaming of perfect waves. 


    Saturday was where all the action was! our early session was a battle against lumpy junky morning sickness, but the team pushed on! After our morning surf, relaxing yoga session and an nice brekky with coffee, everyone slowly wandered down to the beach to setup for the day. We joined the crew in the Coastalwatch/World surf tents making our racks available available to use. There were good vibes and BOARDS everywhere! in all colours, shapes and sizes with the two top fin system companies to match. A few of the crew even had a quick session with some hand planes. The surf cleaned up at around 3-4pm in the afternoon and everyone headed for the shore breakers to snap up the barrels on offer! 

    Hate to admit it, but we snuck out for a pizza that night (not really camping we know!) but made the most of our location. The shapers talk was entertaining and we spent that night around the campfire again. Sunday was unfortunately very blown out with not much surf on offer. Reluctantly we slowly made our way home hugging the coast for signs of surf and possibly sneaking out for another quick session. Everyone was totally stoked for the waves on Saturday and the weekend as a whole. We need to do this more often! Who says business and pleasure don't mix? 
    Looking forward to next years!

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    Cactus rack in the May edition of Real Living magazine!

    Posted on April 17, 2014 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

    We are super excited and so proud to be included in this months issue of Real Living magazine. Such a beautiful image to capture the essence our aesthetic and how the Cactus rack can turn any room into something a little less ordinary! 



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    The freestanding surfboard rack. A surf rack like no other by Cactus.

    Posted on January 25, 2013 by Simon Rapisarda | 1 Comment

    Here are a couple of pics from our recent photoshoot showing off our freestanding surfboard rack in all its glory! Catrina our two board rack. Here you can see the meticulous detail and craftsmanship of our product as well as the beautiful finish of the Bamboo ply. 

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