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Surf while you shop!

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Cactus rack | 0 Comments

Wave pool standing wave inside shopping mall

We were recently contacted by the German Architectural firm  Prof. Moths Architekten wanting to include a custom number of board racks in their specifications for a new retail centre.

Hase Wave L+T Osnabrück wanted a way for land-locked surfers in the heart of Germany to be able to get the best customer experience possible when shopping for a new board. The solution? Install a wave pool outside your favourite surf shop!  

We absolutely love this idea! Imagine heading out to your local shopping centre and to look at some new boards and be able to take multiple boards out for a quick burn? You can also book in 45 minute sessions for 29 Euros or get multiple passes. Below is a photo of the grand opening with our surfboard racks in the background ready to go! 

cactus rack shopping mall standing wave

We are blessed in Australia with many beautiful beaches, however can see this being enjoyed by those wanting to test a few boards out at a time or those that live a little further away from surf. 

cactus surfboard rack in shopping mall standing wave

See link below to a longer version on YouTube. Make sure to keep an keen eye out for our board racks in the background. Super proud to be included in this project. Big thank you also to Marise for sending us the images and video link! 


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