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A big thank you to Alex T. all the way over in France who was stoked with his new Bandito Cactus rack that just arrived...

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Another massive THANK YOU to all that have supported us throughout the campaign. We are so excited and happy with getting funded.

We have called our wonderful suppliers and have things underway. Now for the REALLY REALLY fun bit. We get to start building! 

Felicity and Simon. 

Cactus rack is now on KICKSTARTER!

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The ultimate accessory for the ultimate waterman is now on Kickstarter. Check out our campaign, we have some fun rewards and of course our product at a great price! 


We would absolutely love it if you could share our link with your friends, post it out into the online world (#CactusRack)! We want to succeed and continue to invent awesome, niche and sustainable products in a world that is turning a little too 'throw away'. 

One last 'Thanks to you' for being awesome - we really appreciate your support!
Wishing you sunshine and glassy waves!

Felicity and Simon



Cactus rack featured on Houzz!

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Feliz El Jefe!

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Massive thanks to Pat from California for these pics - he received his new surfboard rack last month!
Check out 'El jefe' in it's new home complementing Pat's wicked style set up.

Gracias Amigo x


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Freestanding surf rack: a perfect solution for displaying a vintage surfboard collection

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 cactusrack vintage surfboard rack

A big "GRACIAS" to another of our happy customers who sent in this photo of their new surfboard display rack system showing off their collection of vintage single-fin surfboards. 

Wanting to span a collection of 20+ boards in various spaces around a single room, using a traditional wall-mounted or a fixed length freestanding surf rack was never an option. As this was a collection of classic surf boards, aesthetics were also a high priority. The Cactus rack was a perfect solution as it allowed the boards to be separated and stored vertically into various positions around the room. The added bonus of this system is that they can always be changed again in the future if needed using only a single Allen key.  

Needless to say, all parties are stoked with the results. We are VERY jealous of this amazing vintage board collection, but happy to be able to help out by showing it off!


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